Karnawał & Workshop

The Dolina Polish Folk Dancers and Twin Cities Polish Festival are proud to sponsor Tekla Klebetnica from Zywiec, Poland for 2 events open to the public.

A fun and fabulous Karnawal style evening and a workshop on how to sing Biały Głos (White Voice).

TEKLA KLEBETNICA is a folk band that, in addition to native highland music, performs mainly the music of the Carpathian Mountains, often also using Balkan melodies. It is a combination of traditional folklore with elements of Gypsy, classical and jazz music, the so-called FOLK-CROSSOVER. At concerts, we try to transport listeners to our world, we invite them to our musical journey! Folklore is of great importance to each of us, which is why we often reach for its roots, adding something new and unusual.

Our songs are arranged in an interesting way, full of colors – joy, sadness, happiness, a large dose of energy and virtuosity. We want to go beyond the standard framework, play with the music, styles and genres so that everyone can find something for themselves. The band is made up of musicians who have found a common musical language and who over the years, through love for tradition and folklore, met in exceptional circumstances. We believe that it was not a coincidence, and it was our destiny to meet and create music together.

Each of us represents a different folklore region. In music, we complement each other and create quite a unique sound by combining the sound of the violin, accordion, double bass and a unique instrument, which is the Hungarian dulcimer. We work with many talented musicians and enrich the sound of our music with instruments such as guitar and drums.

Interested in finding out more about Tekla Klebetnica, check them out at: teklaband.pl

Check out a couple of their videos to hear and see their music and talent.

Ave Maria (Instrumental, Traditional, Music Video)
Skowronek – (Pacsirta, Skylark, Ciocârlia) (Ethnic, Romanian, Music Video)
“O Gwiazdo Betlejemska” (Christmas, Music Video)
Music And Song At Our Lady Of Czestochowa Church (Live performance)
Tekla Klebetnica i Żywczanie – Kolędy (Live Performance)