Costume Care and Handling

Care of Costumes

  • Costumes must always be transported in a garment bag.  (To and from performances, practice or exchanging).
    When exchanging with someone else, a dry-cleaning bag can be used, but must be tied at the bottom. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Costume Chair Person.
  • After wearing, hang costumes inside out to dry. 
    Be sure to air dry all the pieces including scarves and belts.
  • Use plastic or wood hangers, NEVER metal.
    The group owns plastic hangers.
  • Never store costumes in a tightly sealed bag, suitcase or your garment bag.
    Let costumes breathe between wearing’s.
  • Never dry clean any costume piece.
    Each section will tell you what can be washed.  Whatever can be washed, must be washed in cold water on handwash/delicate cycle to prevent colorsfromrunningand line dried, to prevent shrinkage.
  • Costumes must be clean and repaired before transferring or returning.  Also be sure all costume pieces are included.
  • Repairing damage to a costume is your responsibility.
    Ask for advice beforehand.  It is a good idea to fix problems directly after a performance so they are not forgotten.  The group has sewing accessories and extra trims.
  • Check costumes for needed sewing, and missing or damaged trim.
    If you are planning on not performing for an extended length of time, let the costume chairperson know in case your costumes may be needed.


The Costume Chairs Will Help With:

  • Advice on cleaning
  • Advice about repair and mending

General Handling

  • Do not wear costumes to or from performances.
  • White V-neck T-shirt must be worn under the costume by both men and women. 
  • Jumpers and skirts must be put on over the head.  Never step into them.
  • Do not wear jewelry during performances.
    • Only exception: wedding & engagement rings.
    • Clear or nude studs may be used for certain piercings with prior approval.
  • No eyeglasses during performances.
  • Black laces are to be tucked into top of the women’s boots.
  • Make-up is required for performances for women. Recommended for men. This includes:
    • Fake Lashes
    • Eye Shadow, Black and white winged eyeliner
    • Red lipstick
    • Foundation, Bronzer, Blush
  • Grooming:
    • Women: Hair is to be pulled back and put into one or two braids.
    • A fake braid is required regardless of length or thickness of natural hair.
    • No bangs or wisps. Exception:  Wedding performances.
    • Only clear or natural colored nail polish accepted.
  • Men: Clean shaven, neatly groomed and trimmed.
  • Apply spray (e.g. deodorant, hair spray) before putting on costume. 
    Very light perfume/cologne can be used before but is not recommended. 
  • No smoking, eating or drinking in costume.
    Only exception:  Festival of Nations